"We don't stand on the side of the pool and tell you how to fix your alleged errors, or prescribe specific drills to address specific flaws. That is 'corrective coaching' and is a minimally effective approach to teaching complex motions in an aquatic environment. 

We employ a carefully orchestrated process of drills and activities, designed to first convey rhythm, timing, relaxation, and physical  vocabulary, and to then integrate those elements into optimized swimming"  

Finding Freestyle has been serving the endurance community for over a decade.  We have guided beginners through age group national champions, podium level professional triathletes, and of course, hundreds of adult onset swimmers.


We provide both personal coaching and ready to go plans, many of which are integrated with our original 12 Week Basic Course and our 56 week Advanced Program.

"The 12 week course was the most impactful money I've spent on the sport...and I'm not a new triathlete. I've been in the sport since the early 90's. They could double their price and I'd still make that statement." 

Ron Gierut, Olympic Distance Triathlon National Champion,

  Free your mind, and your stroke will follow


Head Coach Dave Luscan has been hard wired for endurance sports from a young age. Competing in triathlons since 1988, Dave has has been coaching part time for twenty years and full time for ten. His personal highlights include a Multisport National Championship and Virginia State Record 51:27 40k time trial. His athletes have achieved Age Group National Championships, and a 70.3 World Championship slot in 2017 by professional triathlete Adam Otstot. 


Finding Freestyle was co-developed in 2009, and was originally a 12 week "Learn to swim faster for adult onset swimmers" program.  The brainchild of Robert Burgholzer and Coach Dave, The Basic Course was released to the public in 2010, but the groundwork for the program was being conducted for decades.  Rob and Dave were both swimmers from a young age and were both shaped by the masterful coaching of Bob Mattson, a world record holder and American Swimming Hall of Fame coach, who himself taught under the guiding principles of the legendary coach Doc Counsilman.

Both Coach Rob and Coach Dave went on to complete NCAA swimming careers,

with Rob continuing to coach at the University of Delaware, and later, at NOVA of Virginia Aquatics.

Lifelong friends, Dave and Rob came back together a few years ago to unravel the mysteries of the

adult-onset swimmer.  Finding Freestyle's core 12 week program is the culmination of their efforts to present true fundamentals in an easy to learn format.  Thanks for visiting.




Personal Coaching is about your specific needs as an amateur or professional athlete. Much more than a training plan, this relationship includes unlimited communication, full season or multi year planning, nutritional & equipment guidance, live and remote bike fitting services, and full integration with all Finding Freestyle core courses as appropriate.  No contract required - stop anytime.  


Workouts are delivered weekly via Training Peaks and athletes are expected to upload files and comment on their performance daily to achieve optimal  results.   Please                             to discuss suitability for these limited opportunities.


Diving Board

Our most popular offering, this is not a course that attempts to teach you a single, correct, style of swimming. This course is intended to stimulate athletes to find their own optimal stroke technique. It will coach them to find their ideal balance of effort and relaxation, stroke and breathing rhythm, and hone their ability to adjust speeds and effort levels during a race as needed.  It includes activities that are intended to develop particular skills that I believe are common to all effective styles of swimming. In this way, the athlete may learn new skills and drills that are effective by themselves, but that will also assist them in integrating that which they have learned from other programs of swimming instruction. 

Our 12-week Basic Course will give the athlete an introduction to new concepts and skill based progressions, and contains options for higher levels of fitness and refinement. The basic framework is intended to provide the athlete with between 1-3 workouts per week to master the basic components of timing based propulsion and a rhythmic kick. The first session of each week is instructional and should be done in its entirety. By enabling the athlete to focus only one workout a week on basic instructional type activities, it can be easily integrated into a larger training framework that consists of multiple days per week in the pool without compromising fitness. The second session in each week is labeled as "Supplemental Workout", and is to be done a la carte according to the athletes’ own needs and abilities. While the supplemental workout is not indispensable to learning the basic concepts, it can hasten the time to mastery, and therefore is highly encouraged.

"I think great technique will take you very far in swimming. The Finding Freestyle program was a fantastic program for me as it develops the fundamentals of an efficient stroke for the beginner, all the way up to the advanced swimmer."
- James Cotter, Pro Triathlete and Overall Winner 2010 Steelhead 70.3



If you are not ready for the full commitment of our Basic Course, check us out on Patreon. We are offering free workouts as well as a subscription service that provides up to 20 monthly workouts for $5. 

These workouts will contain drills and activities from our Basic and Advanced programs, but they will not contain the sequences and progressions specific to those programs.



Pursuing the perfect bike fit since 1988, I attended the FIST school of bike fitting in 2007, returned in 2012,  and became Retul certified in 2016. Notable athletes among my 3000+ fits include uber bike Andrew Yoder, Rev3 Champion Eric Limkemann, dozens of professional triathletes, an NCAA Time Trial champion, Age Group National Champions, and Kona Qualifiers. My fitting services have been personally recommended by the inventor of the triathlon bike and founder of the FIST bike fitting school, Dan Empfield. Fits are available in my studio in Richmond Virginia or online. Photo gallery.