Triathlon bike fit

Coach Dave in the position that resulted in the Virginia State 40k time trial record in 2010. 

Professional triathlete Michelle Bozarth receiving some pre-fit instructions

from Coach Dave

retul bike fit

Being trained on Retul, Purely Custom, Serotta and Guru DFU fit bikes has taught me that it is most definitely the carpenter and not the tools. 

guru bike ft
professional bike fit

Former professional triathlete and Age Group National Champion

Adam Weber

Common positioning for females riders on an inappropriate saddle. Hallmarks are an inability to rotate the pelvis, arched back, and aerobars appear too far away.  Aerodynamics and comfort are both compromised. 

before and after bike fit

After we find a saddle that facilitates pelvic rotation, many things fall into  place. Here we see the back flatten, the reach to the bars improves and  the rider is able to relax down into a more aerodynamic and faster position.  

Rev3 Series Professional Champion Eric Limkemann when he first came to me.  We dropped his saddle over 3cm that first day. Saddle height was the primary cause of his nearly career ending high hamstring tendonopathy.

It took a few sessions to get Eric comfortable on 165mm cranks, but they paid nice dividends at the top  of the pedal stroke

Taking some mid fit angles from uber biking professional triathlete Andrew Yoder.

(The seat came down)

Professional triathlete  Andrew Yoder hiding from  the wind. 

Mid fit with professional triathlete Rachel Jastrebsky

US Pro Tri sponsored professional triathlete

Nick Brodnicki

Professional triathlete

Adam 'the sail" Otstot, pre-fit

Same bike, same bike fit. Position on right is close to 1 mph faster. 

Where we put you matters.

What you do matters too. 

"As a matter of fact, you will go faster."

Professional triathlete Justin Park getting down on the Retul.

Before and After photos from an online fit, done through email and video exchange. Rider ended lower and more relaxed,  with increased ability to drop  the head. 

Limkemann getting after it.