Our 12 Week Basic Course and 12 Month Advanced Curriculum include unlimited video review in their supported versions. 

This product is a one time video review service for those who have purchased any of our unsupported courses, but would like some assistance working through a troublesome activiy or concept. 


Purchasers can expect one detailed initial response to their submitted email and video, and one brief follow up response to address additonal questions. 

A La Carte Swim Video Review

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  • One video, which can consist of different video clips edited together. Multiple activities may be presented in this edited video, and all activities will be critiqued.  


    Hand held smart phone video is generally more than sufficient. It is recommended for the camera person to position themselves on deck in the middle of the lane, and have the swimmer in the end lane nearest to them.  Don't walk with the camera, simply hold it steady as the swimmer leaves the wall and approaches, turn with them as they pass to capture a side view, and follow them with the camera as they swim away to capture the rear view.


    Be sure to keep the entire swimmer in the frame for as long as possible, particularly during the side view.  It is imperative that the compete leg and foot appear in as much of the video as  possible. Repeat 1 length for each activity to be submitted. 


    Video can be emailed to info@findingfreestyle.com, file shared, or uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo with a link provided. Youtube video canbe uploaded to our forum. (A free account must be established to post in the forum. The password for the members area is elegantmile)