Studio bike fitting on the Purely Custom fit bike @ Outpost Richmond, 4813 Forrest HIll Ave.

In Studio Bike Fit

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  • My goal is to achieve your perfect fit, as well as your 100% satisfaction with the process.  If you have any questions before the day of your fit, please call or email.  If I unable to pick up, I will return your message quickly. (804) 357-8430


     It would be helpful (but not required) if you could provide as much of the following information as possible prior to the fit, via a short email to with your name and "pre fit info" in the subject line:  Your height, type of pedals, your current saddle as well as your satisfaction with it, your crank length (if you know it),  and any injuries we will be addressing.  Information such as your length of time in the sport and preferred race distances will be useful as well.


    On the day of your fitting, try to arrive on time or advise us of any delays. I understand traffic and will be as flexible as we can to accommodate your needs.


     If you already have a bike of the same style as we will be fitting you for (road, triathlon, etc), we encourage you to bring it.  This is not required, and arriving sans bike will not affect the quality or outcome of the fit.  If you do bring a bike, it may be used for your warm-up, as well as offering insight as to any current issues.


    Wear or bring warm weather riding gear, a beverage, and a towel.  Your bike fit will probably not be the hardest workout you have ever done, but you will break a sweat. The perspiration helps with concentration!

    Fits average 90:00 and seldom run over two hours, though we will take the time we need without dawdling. 


     Your fit will take place on the Serotta Fit Bike and the process is best thought of as a dynamic interaction between you and the fitter. This will not be a dictatorial fit session. We do not put you where we think you need to go. Your awareness and feedback are integral to the process. The best results come when the client arrives well rested and unstressed.  Don't worry if you are a little late. We are going to have a lot of fun!