Testimonials from our 12 Week  Basic Course    



"It was the most impactful money I've spent on the sport...and I'm not a new triathlete. I've been in the sport since the early 90's. They could double their price and I'd still make that statement." 

Ron Gierut, Age Group National Champion & Finding Freestyle member since 2010

"I've been following your workouts for 4-5 weeks now and I’ve brought my 100/yard steady state time from 1:15 to 1:11, using less energy, just by focusing on a few key elements" 

Holy Benner, Professional Triathlete

"I think great technique will take you very far in swimming. The Finding Freestyle Basic Course was a fantastic program for me as it develops the fundamentals of an efficient stroke for the beginner, all the way up to the advanced swimmer. If  you don't have access to a coach/squad then nobody can see your technique. I swim a solo a fair amount and the drills in this program in my opinion are the best substitute for a coach on deck to improve your technique."
James Cotter, Professional Triathlete and Overall Winner 2010 Steelhead 70.3


"I have progressed from a professional triathlete rarely making the second swim pack to consistently and confidently making the second pack and on a good day latching on to the main group.  This difference has been the primary factor in scratching out a spot in the top 10 to finding the podium at any race I enter.


To me, the most meaningful piece of the swim training is the focus on dynamic swimming in a static environment.  Being comfortable at different rhythms and being able to employ different rhythms based on the race scenario has allowed me to stay connected to faster groups and to strategically drop those drafting me. "   

Adam Otstot, Professional Triathlete & 70.3 World Championship Qualifier


"Something just felt different in the water today during my warm-up. I can't explain exactly what it was, but I felt the stroke in my back, not just my shoulders. I could hear the speed change in the sound of water slipping past my ears. I finished the warm-up and decided I'd try to hang on to that feeling while throwing down a 100 for time. 1:08.5 for a 3.5 second PB! Backed that up a couple minutes later with a second effort in 1:08.7 and knew it was no fluke. The whole workout went that way and I think it will become the "new normal" as this program just continues to deliver."

Greg Nelson, Joined Finding Freestyle in Fall 2010, dropped from 4:27 - 4:04 for 300 yard TT in first 12 weeks.


"...in 6 weeks [the program] took 1 minute off my 1.2 mile swim. I went from 30.5 minutes to 29.5 minutes... Raced an Oly a week ago and was 11th overall on the swim with a 20:36 ... Came in 7th overall for the race ... [out of about] 400 athletes."
Zach Pratt, online course beta test group graduate

"On 6/26/10 I raced the Tri The Parks Indian Springs sprint race as a Clydesdale. I did this race 1 year ago. The swim is 600 yards. I cut my swim time by 1:18 or 13 seconds per 100. I came out of the water fresher than the prior year. I ended up 2nd in the Masters Clydesdale, losing out to a 40 year old. I was the oldest Clydesdale at age 56."

Mike Raab, online course beta test group graduate


"Best money I've ever spent for any type of coaching... it'd cost a couple of grand to go to an intensive swim camp and probably not produce the same type of results as the FF method."
Larkin Carter, 10th in Age Group, Ironman Canada


"I did my 6 week 300 yd swim this week and saw a great deal of improvement. I used to do a little over 275 yds during our monthly 5 min swim for masters. My time for the 300 this week was 4:37. I've been trying to get better for 8 years now. I've done Total Immersion, worked with many fine coaches, but this seems to be making a difference."
Nick, online course graduate


"I went from 4:29 to 4:14 in 12 weeks. (6 weeks was 4:22) I did bruise my ribs in week 9 and had to take a couple of weeks off. I am very excited as my swimming has kept me off the overall podium in local events. I still have a lot of work to do, but this has given me the foundation to improve."
Dean Cook, online course graduate

"As a former age-group swimmer, I found swimming later in life boring and monotonous. It was hard to get motivated to practice. Amazingly, you have made swimming interesting for me again. I am now eager to get into the water and work at it. You have given me a completely fresh way to think about technique and efficiency, and I have been able to incorporate new things into my swimming even at this stage. I think it’s really true that you can teach an old dog new tricks!"
Kim, a self-described "plain ole' Sprint/Olympic age grouper of ever-increasing age"

"Robert and Dave go out of their way to answer questions and provide support. In my opinion they have developed an awesome product. "

"A Train", via the Slowtwitch forums

"Honestly for the money, you really can't go wrong. You will get two coaches to answer all of your questions. You also get a peer group that is experiencing similar things. It was a peer idea and one of Rob's comments to it that led to my ah-ha which led to more air."

Anthony S. via the Slowtwitch forum

"I refuse to claim that FF is the be all and end all of all swim training (I'm sure that others can get equivalent improvements through other means -- I didn't, but I'm sure it's possible). However, I will absolutely echo one of the other posters who said it was the best $60 he ever spent on swim training. I would say that, if the program cost twice as much. It provides a whole different way to look at (and feel) one's stroke, and the ability to upload videos that Robert and Dave critique is great. I love the program and would highly recommend it, regardless of how slow or fast you are."

Eileen Stile via the Slowtwitch forum


After watching my wife train and participate in her first sprint triathlon, I decided I would like to take up swimming so I could also do a triathlon. So I started going to coached swims and learning the basics. And I learned to swim. I was pretty terrible and not fast but I stuck with it and continued to improve under the guidance of my coach.


After a couple of years, and several triathlons, I had sort of plateaued in the pool. I was a mediocre swimmer who had completed two Ironman events including swimming a 1:15 at Ironman Lake Placid. I enjoyed swimming but wanted to try something different to see if I could get better.


In the spring of 2014, I parted ways with my coach and started up with David Luscan. He provides all of his athletes access to his very successful "Finding Freestyle" swim program. Finding Freestyle is a great program for Adult Onset Swimmers as Dave likes to call us. Adult Onset Swimmers did not swim on the swim team as children. We took up swimming relatively late in life.


Finding Freestyle takes a different approach to swim coaching. Rather than focusing on what new swimmers are doing wrong in the water, Finding Freestyle focuses on swim mechanics as taught through a progression of drills and swim sets. The goal of Finding Freestyle is not to teach a particular swim stroke technique. It does not focus on the "high elbow" for instance as the holy grail. Instead it teaches athletes how to become more connected to how the body moves through the water.


Going through the Finding Freestyle course will make swimmers faster, guaranteed. But each swimmer may experience gains in the water differently. Rather than asking swimmers to focus their minds on specific swim mechanics, Finding Freestyle builds on a series of drills that progress throughout the program. You simply do the drills. You may not even realize what good the drills are doing you, but if you continue to do them, you will have breakthroughs that propel your swim fitness and speed.


Often, after a long set of drills, I hit the warm down where I am simply swimming. It is at this time that I feel the smoothest. The drills have set me up to be a better swimmer. I am smoother and faster after progressing through the specialized set of drills.


For myself, when I started with Finding Freestyle, my best 300 yard time trial was 5:57. Within a year and a half of starting the program, my best 300 yard time trial is 5:00. That is about a minute gain. Extrapolate that out to an Ironman distance swim, and that is about a 15 minute improvement. And that was after just a year and a half of working the program. Now, compared to fast swimmers, a 5 minute 300 is not really fast. But it is such a huge improvement and I know if I keep working the program, I will continue to improve


Not only have I become faster in the water, I have become more efficient. When I finished the 2.4 mile swim in my last Ironman event, I felt so good. I felt as if I had just completed a regular pool workout. I came out of the water feeling strong and not wobbly. I ran into transition as if my day had just started.


If you want to get faster in the water, I highly recommend Finding Freestyle. You can purchase the program and do it on your own time. If you follow the instructions and look at the videos, you will definitely become faster and stronger in the water. You will look forward to the swim portion of a triathlon and your confidence as a swimmer and triathlete will grow.

Jim Rosen, personally coached athlete